Do you have the tools to unlock customer insights in the cloud?


Venuelabs products and services are designed specifically for brands with physical locations. In 2009 we were the pioneer in the industry - today we are the leader.


Customer Experience

Measure the in-store customer experience leveraging customer satisfaction and feedback themes.

Store Listening

Transform location based "Big Data" digital signals into actionable business insight.


Digital Presence

Identify issues with local digital profiles & listings to improve local search & discovery.


Content Curation

Curate, target & execute local content and promotions by geography and location.

We love our customers, and they love us back.

See why 500,000 businesses can't be wrong. Leading retail & restaurant brands from all major industry verticals use Venuelabs.


“With thousands of local channels for our consumers to tap into in terms of expressing their pleasure, or displeasure, with our store, staff, or brand, we needed an automated, scalable and accurate solution. Venuelabs has not only provided the visibility into these channels, but the platform we were seeking to engage with customers and recognize exceptional employees.”

American Golfamerican golf 1


“Venuelabs has changed the game for us, allowing us to see intimately into the experience of our customers at each of our nearly 100 courses and properties. Local customer satisfaction cannot be managed with ‘one size fits all.’ Venuelabs insights helped our team understand the opportunity to exceed customer expectations on a course-by-course basis.”

Original Joe’s


“Venuelabs is instrumental in helping us understand and grow our local customer communities for each of our restaurants, on sites like Instagram and Foursquare. Not only do we leverage Venuelabs for our monthly marketing planning, but we also measure the local impact of our campaigns on a location-by-location basis.”

Sunburst Hospitalityocean-city-sunburst


“We rely heavily on Venuelabs to keep up with the many websites where guests can post just about anything about our hotels. Neither I, nor the hotels, have the time to gather all of this data; Venuelabs is an excellent resource and key to helping our hotels operate to the best of their abilities. “